Project Undercover Coloring Book 2013Diaper need, or the lack of enough diapers to keep kids clean, dry, and healthy, affects 30% of mothers and 1 in 3 families. Approximately 20,000 children ages 7 and under live in poverty throughout Rhode Island, and that’s why Project Undercover exists. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize the need in our state is so great. We have always found that the more people know, the more they want to help. Back in 2013, we developed this coloring book to help educate children and their families about diaper need in Rhode Island.

Illustrated by RISD graduate Ashley MacLure and Warwick author Kathleen Hollenbeck, the 24-page book addresses childhood poverty. The coloring book was developed with the direction of our then-Board Secretary Carina Cournoyer and made possible through funding from Hasbro Inc. and the Ocean State Charities Trust. We continue to use it to help raise awareness, and we encourage you to do the same. Please feel free to download and print as many copies as you need. The more people know about diaper need in Rhode Island, the more good work we can do to help!